big love

August 3, 2015

where did i go?

“We leave something of ourselves behind 
when we leave a place, 
we stay there, even though we go away. 
breathing space
And there are things in us 
that we can find again only 
by going back there.”  ~Pascal Mercier


a n n i e    y o u n g    a r t s

do you see what i feel?

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July 31, 2015

yes, I can!

above: a growing inconvenience? below: annie with governor dayton

how cool it was to meet governor dayton at the 25 ADA anniversary celebration!
speak to me! 
communicating with harv,
a deaf soul, warm heart!
i have great hopes he will continue to do work that advances the opportunities for the diff-abled!
lollipops for ayla (one of my earlier inspired by my grand-daughter)

had it not been for the efforts of a dear friend to encourage, support and help me FIND A WAY,
i would not be working as an artist today.
i may have lost my sight, but not my creative vision.

all time favorite quote:
"never, never, never give up!" ~churchill

July 22, 2015

25th anniversary celebration!

invitational banner hanging along kellogg blvd!
MSCOD (mn state council on disabilities) and the project partners have exciting plans for Sunday, July 26th. They are hosting the 25th Anniversary of the ADA Celebration and Family Day at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. Everyone is invited to the party from noon until 4:00 p.m. Admission is FREE!

July 21, 2015

let today be the day...

ed dances on a saturday night
How would your life be different if…
You stopped allowing 
other people 
to dilute or 
poison your day 
with their words or opinions?
Let today be the day…
You stand strong in the truth 
of your beauty 
and journey through your day 
without attachment 
to the validation of others” 
~steve mariboli

July 11, 2015

growing friends....

when we were young
It takes a long time to grow an old friend. ~John Leonard

Some people go to priests; others to poetry;
I to my friends. ~Virginia Woolf

A friend is the one who comes in when
the whole world has gone out. ~Grace Pulpit

Friends are those rare people
who ask how you are
and then  wait for
the answer. ~Unknown

The best time to make friends is
before you need them. ~Ethel Barrymore

I always felt that the great high privilege,
relief and comfort of friendship was
that one had to explain nothing. ~Katherine Mansfield

A friend can tell you things you
don’t want to tell yourself. ~Frances Ward Weller

July 6, 2015

dream big

dream big
"...think as if there is no box." ~Israelmore Ayivor

July 2, 2015

to injure or bless

"plant a seed.
watch it grow.
gone to seed
it will go so much farther
than you'll ever know.
and whether that seed
be action or word
whether harsh or kind
its power will be heard.
and whether its fruit
will bring joy or distress
you are the one
who will injure or bless."

June 19, 2015

what are you growing?

bloomingfield of love and joy
your mind is a garden
your thoughts are the seeds
you can grow flowers
or you can grow weeds...

June 18, 2015

dreams that dance

dancing queen

“you must give
to make your life
as beautiful 
as the dreams
that dance in
your imagination.”
~roman payne


'you are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself' ~hesse

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty
'the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries...her beauty must be seen from her eyes...where love resides.' ~ hepburn

journey with jim

journey with jim
' is the journey that matters, in the end.' ~ hemingway

confetti susan

confetti susan
' yourself and the world will love you!' ~mercree

lollipops for ayla

lollipops for ayla
'sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.' ~ thich nhat hanh

the crossroads

the crossroads
'you are now at a crossroads...make the most important decision you will ever make. forget your past...don't think about who you have been...who have you decided to become? make this decision consciously. make it carefully. make it powerfully.' ~tony robbins